Sunday, August 25, 2013

Swirly Twirly Dresden & Patchwork Tinker Tote

Just wrapped up a great girls quilty weekend with my mom & daughter - so fun! Today we all decided to work on the same paper piecing project... it's the Swirly Twirly Dresden from Quilting Lodge. Not the easiest first paper piecing project for mom & daughter but they both caught on quickly and did an awesome job! We still need to applique them to backgrounds for cute little mini quilts but had to get a pic of them all together before mom headed back to her house. Good thing she lives 2 hours away or we'd drive our husbands completely crazy doing nothing but quilt quilt quilt.

Yesterday I finished making a Tinker Tote from Tara Rebman's Craftsy Quilt-As-You-Go Patchwork Bags class. Yay for a finish - woot! Lately I've been doing a lot of starting and not much finishing.

This was not without its challenges but I still like the way it turned out (but I don't love it). I had taken several days off from working on it after installing the magnetic snap on the wrong side of the flap and lamenting over not having any more of the Crazy Daisy charm pack to make a new flap. I like the little owls that were intended for the back of the flap. They were going to look really cute... on the BACK of the flap. I was really kicking myself for goofing it up. Seeing another Tinker Tote finish pop up on Bloglovin' (Katie's Quilting Corner) made me really want mine to be done. And after some motivation to keep going from Katie, I was determined to squelch my perfectionistic tendencies, cut myself a break and forge ahead. Plus, I'm taking Katie's lead and making another small one :) 

I love the Riley Blake chevron lining and the yellow zipper. I had a white zipper all ready to go until Tara said to pick a color that will pop. Great advice Tara! I think Tara must be left handed though (which I am not) because after it was finished I realized that every other bag I have has the zipper open left to right. Guess my odd ball zipper goes with my goofed up flap. I'm sure they're very happy together.


Here's the back of the flap that was supposed to be the front (ok, I might still be a bit upset over that but I'm working on letting it go - really I am!)  I sized the open pocket to fit my iPhone and a couple of pens. This will be the perfect tote for carrying any treasures I might pick up at Quilt Fest in Jacksonville next month.

The bag was pretty easy to put together although that bias binding is a bit finicky to get on there. Tara shows two different ways to put the binding on and I combined them - machine sew onto the front and hand stitch to the back. Tara showed an invisible binding trick that I will definitely keep in mind for a borderless quilt someday. She also showed how to put on a leather bottom - oooh... leather! I think my next one wants a leather bottom. This one has some outdoor fabric which I thought would be a little more durable.

Nothing to cross off my project To Do list from this weekend's work because neither project was on my project list. I saw the 25% off discount link on Tara's blog and said "yup, that's happening!". Check it out and make one for yourself!


  1. Three generations of quilter's together for a weekend. Life is really good at a time like this. Thank you for your patience with us piecing the twirlys. Hugs, Mom

  2. I love your bag, it looks great. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who stares a lot when sewing :)

  3. So lovely! :)
    Greetings from Finland!
    Hugs, Ulla

  4. Diana, your bag is sweet! You're not the only one who gets aggravated when things don't go quite right trying to finish. I walk away, too, friend, and come back calm. I loved to hear that you sew with 3 generations. I take my MIL, and my mother and daughter meet us for sewing 2-3 times a month at our group. We really have a good time, but ocassionally have to shush ourselves since we get so loud. It's a great way to make memories, and few have this opportunity. Aren't we all lucky?


  5. It's nice to know that others make mistakes, too. Esp. accomplished others like yourself. Love the bag and the swirly dresdens. Sounds like you had lots of fun.

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