Saturday, August 17, 2013

Design Wall - oh yeah!

Somehow I had overlooked the fact that there was a completely blank wall in my exercise room! Poor sad, blank wall :(  Clearly I don't spend enough time in there (gonna have to work on trading out some quilting time for exercise time... someday).

It didn't take me long to rectify the situation once the discovery was made. 3 yards of cheap white felt from JoAnn's and some pushpins and I now have 74" x 108" of design wall fabulosity.  It's a much happier wall now :)  And I no longer have to lay blocks out on the floor or guest bed or lint roll the heck out of the comforter when a guest comes to stay - woot! Happiness all around today. I still have to steam the rest of the wrinkles out but I couldn't wait to get some blocks up. Looking forward to walking in and checking on my squirrels - I'm obsessed with that block (I love Tula Pink for that print alone). Lauren just named the squirrels Sallie & Callie - Sallie is on the left. Apparently she doesn't like to be called Callie. That girl cracks me up!

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