Monday, August 12, 2013

Dear Jane at the Beach (aka I might be crazy)

I've been contemplating a Dear Jane quilt. It seems a little crazy to take on a DJ in my first year of quilting but I'm a little bit obsessed with the idea.

So I'm contemplating. And by that I mean...

I looked at lots and lots and lots of other people's Dear Jane quilts all over the quiltyweb. There are some amazing DJs out there! Batiks, rainbows, two tone, you name it - it's been done.

Then I found inspiration in a picture I took at the beach and decided on all solids in beach colors based on this photo.

I really like the feel of Michael Miller Cotton Couture so I got my hands on a color card to make sure the colors work - they do!

I started stalking the sales and acquired a pile of Michael Miller Cotton Couture.  There are more colors that I'm after, but I haven't found them on sale yet.


I bought the Dear Jane EQ software and started playing with colorings based on my inspiration photo. This one needs MUCH more blue.

Now I'm also trying to decide what shade of white background to use.  Right now I'm favoring Soft White. But I really like Bright White too. It might come down to a coin toss.

Ok, this is how far I've gotten, and where I'm stuck. Do I do rows of color like my sample design? or do I mix them all up? I'm thinking I'm going to mix them all up. In my head it's super pretty. But I'm kinda scared to start cutting into fabric without a firm plan. But if I start coloring this thing I don't think I'll ever be done. It'll be a lot of "lemme just change this color, and this one. Oh now those two don't look good beside each other. Let's change that. That's better, but now the color is all clumpy over here..." And on it will go, for-e-ver! I know me!

But... I REALLY want to make this quilt! Like REALLY!

Ok, I want to have MADE this quilt. I think it's going to take a looooong time. Years, maybe. That's when I discovered I have the perfect box to keep my finished blocks in - for years. Isn't it cute?!
This pretty beachy box is currently being filled with 3/4" hexies for a bed runner. Oh yeah, I'm working on that long-term project already. That - and a big bunch of other projects I've started. Cuz I'm new here in quilty world and everything is exciting! EVERYTHING! I wonder how many projects I can move forward at the same time. Hmmmm.... maybe I should make a list and prioritize. Plus, that list will make it blatantly clear that I do NOT need to buy more fabric. Except maybe a few more colors of Cotton Couture :)

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