Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Bertha and I have been together for about 3 1/2 months now. I picked her up on April 27th  (Yup, I just looked it up - I feel like I should remember our anniversary. She is THAT special!). Oh, what an exciting day it was when I brought her home! I bought her over the phone, sight unseen, un-driven. When it's right, you just know it!

Back up a week earlier... I casually mentioned to my mom that I really like the Janome Memory Craft 11000 - REALLY liked it. That was my new "someday machine". See, mom had just brought home a new Janome of her own and I was on the Janome website checking it out. I wasn't necessarily looking for a new machine but she sure did catch my eye. I wanted her... someday. Heck, I'd only been sewing for about 4 months at the time. I was using the Janome that mom bought me about 20 years ago and that I'd barely used. That old girl has done some alterations, fixed some issues on kids clothes, blankets, that sort of thing. Mostly she sat in a dark closet and moved around the country with me receiving little love or attention - thinking back, it's really quite sad. But I did make my first quilt on her. And my first table runner. And some other fun projects. We had some good times, she and I. My daughter named her Betsy. After I brought home Bertha.

So a couple days after drooling over the Janome MC11000, I get a call from mom. Ring, ring (ok, my cell phone doesn't ring like that, but you know...) "Were you serious about the Janome 11000?" Me: "umm.. what?"

Mom was at her sewing machine store chatting up the guy and somehow found out that they had just used a couple of new Elna 9600s as demos at a quilt show and were selling those slightly broken-in sweeties at a discount. And they are basically the exact same as the MC11000. And mom has sewn on an Elna for the better part of an eon and knows they kick serious booty. So that's why my phone rang. Next thing my poor hubby knows I'm hitting him up for some major cash. To buy Bertha. Who I haven't seen. Or sewn on. Or researched. But somehow KNOW she is the one for me!

It was our destiny to be together! I whipped out the old credit card, gave my info over the phone, and had myself a new machine. Then I was like, what the heck just happened?! Research, research, research. She was 2 hours away and I couldn't get to her until the following weekend. I had a 2 hour class on her and off we went. Lugging her out of the store (she's a hefty girl!) I named her Big Bertha. Now I just call her Bertha. Cuz the Big part seemed kinda rude after I got to know her. And it's longer.

Now Bertha makes me the cutest things! Like this adorable little machine applique and embroidery hedgehog on Essex Linen (which is awesome to embroider on!).

Love you Bertha!
Love you mom for finding Bertha!

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  1. Bertha and you make a great team! I especially love the red-eyed tree frog coaster you made for me.
    Thanks for the happy smiles every time I look at it, just makes my day.