Thursday, May 2, 2013

How cute is this tiny denim basket?!

This adorable new holder for my leaders/enders was made with the leg of my daughter's cast off skinny jeans - it's only about 3''x3". I think the fabric is a TimelessTreasures remnant. I followed the Denim Fabric Baskets tutorial on and will definitely be making more (bigger ones with hubby's old jeans). Cute! Cute!


  1. And a bigger one was made for me for Mother's Day. Thank you my wonderful Daughter.

  2. Your basket looks great with that floral fabric, Diana!!! Glad you found the tutorial useful and thanks for the link back. I'd love to feature your basket over at Threading My Way. Would you mind if I used your photo, of course linking back to you.

  3. Hi Diana, I've featured your denim basket...